How to take loan in the terms of new regulations

28 June 2019

How to take loan in the terms of new regulations

New bank regulations have been enforced from 1st January, 2019. According to these amendments, new conditions for loan issuance were activated in Capital Express.

Employed physical person, before issuance of loan, shall submit one of the below listed document certifying the income: 

  • Salary extract from bank;
  • Certificate from Revenue Service;
  • Certificate issued by the Employer;
  • For self-employed physical entities, the necessary documents are depended to their business profile. For example, private tutors may submit income register paper obtained from their pupils. Tax driver – tax license, Lessor – lessee’s written confirmation. After submitting documents, each document will have individual financial analyses. 

In case of the legal entity, no proof of income is required. It is enough to present an economic extract. Afterwards, an individual study of revenue will be conducted. Real estate registered in the name of founder, partner, director and/or their family members as the coverage is acceptable for legal entities loan. 

According to the new bank regulations, if person holds 2 real estates and uses one real estate for third person loan coverage, evaluation of real estate owner revenues is not required.

Unlike other products, auto loans are easily issued without any confirmation of income.

Regardless of the changes made in the financial sector, Capital Express tries to take into consideration the requirements of the customers and offer the best possible conditions for the customer. 

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